Conrad Schumacher Clinic

September 22, 2017 to September 25, 2017
CONRAD SCHUMACHER is one of the world’s foremost dressage trainers, having trained many students to international Olympic and World Championship level. He has been an influential force in the successful teams from Germany, Holland, Great Britain and the USA.  With his many years of experience, first as a rider then as a coach, trainer and judge, makes him a true riding master.  Mr. Schumacher enhances the rider’s physical and mental awareness to create maximum harmony with the horse. This is now the cornerstone of his training philosophy.

This dressage training philosophy has developed into a system with which he has trained over 4000 horse and rider combinations around the world. His focus on mental fitness and rider awareness are enhanced and developed through his training of the horse with the basic foundations of the scales of training, his prerequisites for optimum performance, and his selection of working patterns to achieve correct execution of movements throughout all levels.

Auditors are welcome daily. Fees for auditing are $35/day or $75 for all 3 days. Snacks and lunch available for $5 on all days.

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